Custom Name Badges: The Different Types You Could Invest In

Name badges are an important accessory for business. Especially if your employees are constantly interacting with current and potential customers. Nevertheless, not many business owners know what type of name badges they should opt for. As such, they end up purchasing the cheapest option they come across in an attempt at keeping their operational costs low.

The reality is that you could end up spending more on your name badges if they are not suited for your business's specific needs. This is why it is crucial to know what is available to you and determine if you would require multiple types of custom badges for the various business requirements you may have. Below are some of the different types of custom name badges that you could invest in.

Permanent name badges

As the name suggests, these custom name badges are permanently affixed to the employees' clothing. Thus, they will typically be embroidered on their day to day uniform. The emblazoned name badges give an air of professionalism, making them a great option for businesses who want to have a formal approach when interacting with their customers. Secondly, they are a good way to save on the costs of replacing name tags since once they are digitally embroidered onto the fabric, they will last for as long as the employee is working for the company. As a pro tip, you may want to consider incorporating your company logo to the name badge too so that it can subtly advertise your business.

Reusable name badges

If you own a business that tends to contract employees on a short-term basis, then you may want to consider reusable name badges. These types of name badges are highly convenient when you require a name tag in a pinch and do not have the time to design a permanent custom name badge. Additionally, since they are reusable, you can rest assured that they will not be wasteful as they can be changed for all subsequent people that require a name badge. Reusable name badges are also an ideal way to provide your customers with their own temporary identification as they as are on your business premises.

Metallic name badges

If you are looking for permanent name badges but do not provide uniforms for your employees, metallic name badges would be a good bet. These are one of the sturdiest materials used in the creation of name badges, thus guaranteeing you durability and longevity.